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songs in the key of not was a cd compiled in late June and early July of 2002. Most of the CD consisted of covers, while a few songs (such as Relic and Where's Paul?) were original compositions. It was a new type of creative outlet for the cantina, many of whom are musicians of some skill. For the most part, though, they're a bunch of terribly sung butcherings (but not in the kind you do with a meat cleaver) done for a good time (again, not with a meat cleaver and a helpless, innocent victim). The front cover was designed by Rob, the back cover by Arby. You can listen to short samples of some of some of the tracks by clicking on their names below.
Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Relic - Adam Burnett
3. Where is My Mind? (The Pixies) - Kashmir
4. Vegemite - Jeff and Nikki
5. Excess Baggage (Staind) - Wazzit
6. Your Song (Moulin Rouge) - Corey Wood
7. Piggies - Jakob and Tristan (with DJ Jeff)
8. Penny Lane (The Beatles) - MysticJupiter
9. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) - Void
10. Where's Paul? - written by Captain Ramen
11. The Perk of Being British - Shai
12. Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins) - Mart
13. Hourglass (At the Drive-In) - Biffo
14. Outside (Staind) - Wazzit
15. Danny Boy

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