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Bespin City Forum

The official rules of #cantina_cloud:

  1. Don't be a prick to newbies unless they behave in a manner to justify it.
  2. Try to work out problems with other cantina people before bitching to me about it....YES, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.
  3. NO WHINING FOR OPS, YOU GET 'EM WHEN YOU EARN 'EM (when a SOP vouches that you are capable of the responsiblity [ie when you send them $20]).
  4. No bigotry of any kind. RACISM/SEXISM/GAY BASHING IS NOT ALLOWED. The Jackson family is technically not a race mind you, so bombs away.
  5. Children under the age of 11 are to be surpervised by a parent or guardian when Mart is in the cantina. AT ALL TIMES. Mart is to be supervised by a parole officer.
  6. Clean up after your own ski ninjas.

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