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Bespin City Forum

In the Beginning...

The Cantina Cloud was created in mid-1997 by Jeff Walters, a 19 year old Aussie in his first year of a computer science degree. After releasing his second Dark Forces level (Mt. Kurek), Jeff, wrote a CGI chatroom script with the aid of a fellow student. Upon its completion, Jeff opened a chatroom using this script on his site, Bespin: The Cloud City, which was dedicated to his Dark Forces levels. After mulling over a few ideas for a chatroom name, Jeff settled upon....Cheers! Around the same time the Bespin City Forum (BCF) was created to accompany the chat.

After a month or so, the novelty of the name "Cheers" began to wear off with the chatroom's small but growing cast of regulars (some of whom can still be found on the Bios page). A change to a name more in line with the site's theme was proposed and the Cantina Cloud was born.

The Big Move...

The chatroom prospered well with the upcoming release of Dark Force's sequel, Jedi Knight, helping to bring newcomers to the site. By the end of 1997, though, a fairly major problem had arisen. The Cantina had become too big for its boots. With the CGI chatroom generating an enormous quantity of hits on the university server where it was hosted, the administration of the server made it known that its days on the server were numbered.

When the plug was pulled on the chat at the end of 97, the search began for a new host. Following a brief and somewhat tepid period of using ICQ as a temporary solution, it was finally decided in very early '98 that the CGI chat was just no longer feasible to be put *any where* and so it was off to IRC! Bespin and the BCF were also on the move to at this time, first to the now long dead site Valley of the Jedi (VOTJ) in Feb '98 and then soon after to Jediknight.net in May.

The IRC era...

IRC took a while for the regulars to adapt to....for although it was much faster than CGI Cantina Cloud, it lacked the personalised features. However after a few weeks everyone settled in and the repressed insanity returned. EFNET, being one of the largest IRC networks around seemed like a good solid choice for a home....in hindsight, perhaps not. In the year or so spent on EFNET, the lack of a CHANSERV or NICKSERV to assert some kind of order and the overwhelming number of morons with way too much time on their hands in other channels on the server led to numerous successful and unsuccessful attempts to temporarily take over the Cantina. When connection issues were added to the pile of 'negatives' against EFNET, the Cantina Cloud moved.

Since 1999 the chatroom has resided on smaller IRC networks with improved features such as irc.greennet.net, irc.chatcircuit.com and its current home, irc.zirc.org.

By December '98, Jeff had closed the original Bespin site, but the BCF remained on at JediKnight.net due to its popularity. In early '99, the forum's caretakers moved it over to JediLegacy.net, where it has remained to this day.

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