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Looking for the CCCP page?
The CCCP trailer was the work of many people. The ideas for most of the scenes were worked out by Arby and Dracard, then edited and improvised upon by everyone involved in the actual filming process.

This process was long and tedious. In order to provide maximum quality with minimum hard drive use and processor power, the video was captured on a VCR using a computer with TV-Out. The footage was then recaptured on the computer and edited. The first song in the trailer is called Relic, composed by long time Cantina Cloud regular Rage. The second song, Spybreak, has been taken from the Matrix soundtrack (in honor of Void\'s Matrix Lobby level).

The trailer was written by Drac and Arby, edited and shot by Arby, with original music by Rage, some other music from the Matrix soundtrack, starred Wazzit as the Jedi, Drac as the Bounty Hunter, and Gonk and Fourwood as the stormtroopers/bespin cops. The opening logo animation was done by Farix. The levels featured (in order of appearance) were River of Blood II FFA (by Wazzit), Matrix Lobby (by Void), Return to Mt. Kurek (by Jeff Walters), and CTF Inexistence (by Gonk).

The downloads for the trailer are not hosted on our server in the attempt to conserve bandwith (we are using donated space for the website). If you wish to download it, you can do so here, hosted by the people at Massassi. The file is also available at JK2Files.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The trailer requres the DivX codec to run.

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