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Cantina Cloud Cartography Pack
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Name: Matrix Lobby
Author: Void
Contact: voidiedarko@hotmail.com
Description: The lobby from the movie The Matrix. FFA.

Name: Inexistence
Author: Mark "Gonk" Fanucci
Contact: gonk@swgalaxies.net
Description: A CTF/CTY level that takes place in..well..something.. we\'re not quite sure what. It\'s symmetrical and straightforward, so it\'s nearly impossible to get lost. It was designed with smaller team sizes in mind, though it plays rather well with 32 players.

Name: Return to Mt. Kurek
Author: Jeff Walters
Contact: webmaster@massivelymultiplayer.net
Description: A Duel/FFA level set on the same volcano I once did a level for Dark Forces on. A tribute level to all the old DF addons I guess. No bot support, it\'s too vertical.

Name: River of Blood FFA
Author: Chris "Wazzit" Lu
Contact: wazzit@hotmail.com
Description: The River of Blood tournament has expanded it\'s limitations, and has opened the tournament as a "Free for All", where it\'s every man for himself. Placed throughout the level are weapons of mass destruction at your disposal. Always watch your back, and be sure to keep you\'re eyes peeled for snipers from above.

Name: Gaspoet
Author: Chris "Dracard" Martinez
Contact: dracard0@hotmail.com
Description: Tired of the lack of DOORS in your duel map? Has the prospect of going through a battle WITHOUT nearby plants scared you to death? Frightened by the idea that nearby starships MAY or MAY NOT decide to kill you? FEAR DUEL MAPS NO LONGER! GASPOET IS HERE! Complete with 5000 LBS. OF PURE POTTING SOIL. HIDDEN DANCING MONKEYS, AND MYSTERIOUS CURLY FRIES THIS IS THE MAP OF THE CENTURY.

...and no eggs

Name: Sanctuary
Author: Mark "Gonk" Fanucci
Contact: gonk@swgalaxies.net
Description: A small FFA level set in a slowly crumbling Jedi temple, which is, in places, updated to provide for the jedi of today as it once did for the jedi of days past. Torchlight illuminates the temple as the nearby planet rises over the horizon of its moon.

Name: Evening Glow
Author: Tee
Contact: terrancehansen@hotmail.com
Description: A Bespin based duel level set in the late evening.

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